Hello, I'm Alex.

I am a software engineer based in Toronto.

I am a co-creator and software engineer of Crato — an open-source framework for small applications to easily deploy a centralized logging solution.

Crato deploy command run in the terminal
Crato Logging Logo

Crato is an open-source, easy to deploy logging framework that maintains ownership of data.

Crato is built using Node.js, Apache Kafka and is deployed using Docker.

Other Projects

Screenshot of Airline app

Airline Routes

An application that allows users to view and filter airline routes on a clickable svg map. Bootstrapped with Create React App.

Screenshot of Postit app

PostIt App

A Reddit-like web application built with Rails and PostgreSQL which allows authenticated users to create, comment, upvote or downvote posts and comments.

Screenshot of Trello-like app


A project management tool based on Trello, built with Rails and React, that allows users to create, delete, update, archive and reorganize cards and boards.

About me

I am a full-stack software developer based in Toronto with several years of experience with JavaScript, Ruby, React, and Ruby on Rails. I have experience in containerized deployment, data pipelines, cloud platforms, and both SQL and NoSQL databases. Most recently I am co-creator of Crato, a centralized logging framework built with NodeJS, Kafka, InfluxDB and deployed using Docker.

Alex Soloviev

Toronto, ON

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